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    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help this Holiday Season Help for Hoosiers Abounds. Ways to Help, Too! Need a Helping Hand or Ready to Give One?

    Posted by Vision Academy @ Riverside on Nov 18, 2020 11:34:17 AM

    The classic holiday scene is dazzling, with a cozy home, mounds of food on the table, and piles of gifts under the tree. For many Hoosier families, however, financial burdens—especially during the winter months—loom large. And this year, of course, has strained many families much more than usual. If you find that you are in a position of needing assistance, please know the resources in our community are generous and plentiful.

    Similarly, the opportunities to give a helping hand are readily available and are sure to be much appreciated. Family time while volunteering can be a gift to your family and others. If you need help, or if you’re in a position to give of your time or finances, the resources below are a good place to start.

    How to Put Food on the Table

    The holidays are no time to go hungry, and there are organizations who can help ensure your table is filled with delicious offerings.

    St. Vincent De Paul has a long tradition of putting a nice meal on the table for struggling families through their Thanksgiving Food Box program, which includes turkey and other favorites. Find out more:

    There are several local food pantries that can help, as well, in managing food needs.

    How to Skip the Chill

    As temperatures begin to drop, the anxiety of keeping up with utility payments tends to rise. If you are facing financial difficulties, contact Indianapolis Power and Light to see if you’re eligible for their assistance programs. They also take donations if you would like to help others in need.

    How to Pay the Rent

    There are a number of rental payment and housing assistance programs you can apply for in Indianapolis. To see if you qualify, check out the resources below:

    Other programs exist to aid with household expenses, such as internet and phone service. You can also head to your friendliest neighborhood resource—your local library! Not only are you able to use their WiFi for free, they can also help point you in the right direction of other assistance services and programs.



    How to Get Help of all Kinds

    Catholic Charities of Indianapolis provides a comprehensive offering of help for families in need, ranging from counseling, homelessness assistance, an annual Christmas store, and immigration legal services. Find out how you can help or be helped on their website:

    St. Vincent De Paul also offers a wide variety of resources for Indiana families.

    There is a season in life to give and a season to receive. By accessing these resources you might find life a little easier and welcome the day when you are able to give back.

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